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Hello Manolos!!

Today I will talk about Origin of Memes is strange that you only see the image does not know their history so I'll talk about them, then follow the Page!!


Rage Guy (Guy Furious, in Portuguese) appeared, first, on 4chan in 2008, approximately. It was used - and is still used - to be placed in strips in which things happen everyday that makes you mad, making you scream "-FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU". The Rage Guy was only just 4chan, until in 2009 he went on to other sites, getting quite famous in 2010.


The Okay Guy, has almost the same story Rage Guy, was first seen on 4chan in 2010. Soon after, he was going to another and most other sites, becoming increasingly popular. It is used in the same situations fuuuuu-but instead you get too angry at the situation, you conform to it, just puts his head down, gets upset (or sad) and says a simple "Okay".


The Challenge Accepted (Challenge Accepted in Portuguese) also appeared around November 2010, but it was not posted for the 1st time in 4chan, but in a forum called "Bungie's Flood" in a discussion called "When Your Teacher He Says . "It was inspired by a TV series called "How I Met Your Mother" ("How I Met Your Mother" in Portuguese), in which the wife of Barney Stinson (played by Neil Patrick Harris) defies challenges almost impossible, but only as a joke. And that is how this meme is used in comics. Accepting impossible challenges, which, for him, are almost impossible.


The "Me Gusta" is nothing more or less than what a face extremely strange, saying "I Like It." No one knows for sure, but many believe that the "Me Gusta" has emerged in late 2010. Say who created it was a guy from Reddit, and he even said to have posted the "Me Gusta" for the 1st time in 4chan. The 1st comic with "Me Gusta" was posted on Reddit on March 18, where another "Redditor" is said to have first seen on 4chan. The "Me Gusta" is used in comic situations in which there is disgusting and nasty. God knows why.


The "Fuck That Guy / Dumb Bitch" (Fuck That Face / Bitch Idiot, in Portuguese), "born" also in 2010, and was seen for the 1st time in a post on Reddit by an artist named "downlow" in he showed several other memes that have never been used, including this one, which is the image of Yao Ming, not Barack Obama, as many think. He excelled why one "Redditor" commented saying that he seemed to be saying "Bitch, please" give've seen it? Several people found it funny and adopted. It is only a caricature of that image:

It is used for a reaction of contempt with someone or something in strips. And also is the meme that has more history.


The "Forever Alone" ("Forever Alone") is the most mysterious of all. It is not known where it was first posted, nor as made ​​famous. They say he appeared in April 2011, according to the supposed "owner" of it, but there is no link to actually prove it. On June 27, 2010 that things got complicated, why that same day, the image of the "Forever Alone" was posted on FunnyJunk, and the very guy who posted said that this was the original, but some user said that he had given a repost (but no one could say exactly where). On September 16, 2010 the "Forever Alone" had 23,000 and 50,000 results FunnyJunk on Tumblr, so nobody knows who the real owner and where it was first posted. It is used in comic strips that express loneliness and disappointment with life.


"Long Neck Reaction Guy" ("Reaction Face Long Neck" in Portuguese, or something), and also known as "Horror Guy" ("Man Scared") was born in 2009 on 4chan. He was referring to a hentai game called "Cum, Hisao!" ("Come, Hisao!"), Where the player had the opportunity to go out with girls crippled. There was a part in the game where the person "retreated to head away from the screen" when the character started screaming "I'll rub my joy in your scars burned" during the act. And a straight face portrayed in this reaction image. Seriously, who does not react that way?!?! The "Long Neck Reaction Guy" is used in comics where people post something bizarre, scary, that when a person sees such a thing, turns away from the computer screen in amazement. Bet you never thought that this was the true origin of the "Long Neck Reaction Guy." Neither do I.


"Cereal Guy" ("Cereal Face", obviously!) Was born into a comic done by a web designer named Bob Averill (Lego_Robot). He posted this comic in a forum called SomethingAwful in 2007, he is older than his own "Rage Guy"! The comic made ​​fun with a discussion by phone lovers who are far apart. And I bet you're curious to know what it is, so here it is:

In late 2009, Bob Averill himself raised him like a reaction to something in a post on 4chan. For some time, he was called as "CALA BOCA THE FUCK IS TALKING WHILE I!", But did not catch very well. Give other users made ​​a 2.0 version of it, since the original was taken by MS Paint. It is seen more in the forums what comic, and is only used when you have other ideas for such a thing.


The "AWW YEAH GUY" (not need translation, it is quite the same) was born in December 2010 at Reddit when someone took a picture of J. Jonah Jameson, the head of Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2 and transformed into a drawing style "Rage Guy".

This meme is used when the character feels victorious, is successful in many situations.


The "Look of Disapproval" ("Look of Disapproval") was born in 2006, with the language of Kannadan. Here is a table of their language:

This is the strangest of all, why never to be soo famous, but it was first seen in the Urban Dictionary (Urban Dictionary) as "the silly guy", but in April 2009 turned forever the "Look of Disapproval ". It is used to disprove something (GENIUS), and is seen more in what mounts into strips.

There is also a tutorial on how to do this weird little eye aê.

The code for users Mac: Option +0 CA0 <-PS: This is not a "what" but a zero.
The code for Windows users: ALT +3232

Troll Dad

The "Troll Dad" (one that does not need translation, except Dad, who is Father in English) appeared in more or less July 2009 at Reddit. It is nothing more, just the famous TrollFace with clothes, pipe, hat and glasses. It is used when the parent Trolla son with blackmail, stupid jokes and puns.


The "YU NO GUY" (Dude, why do not you) expresses a feeling of anger and frustration. He was seen in Gantz 'Chapter 55: Naked King (裸 の 王様) (Gant'z Chapter 55: Naked King), the original version came out in February 2002, and was translated into English in June 2009.

After it was translated, 4chan users and fans of the series Gant'z started calling this guy "YU NO". After awhile, he turned meme by Tumblr, with the image:

And in a few weeks, he went to several other sites, like FunnyJunk, making it a great meme known. It umausado in frames as a reaction to idiotic actions.


It was created on February 11, 2011, and posted on the same day the "board [?]. It is the act of feeling badass, like waking up seconds before the alarm sounds for example.'s Used in situations like this, where the character does something totally awesome and feels the badass. Nothing too special about it.


He came up with a video image of the guy (David Silverman) makes a puzzled face in an argument with Bill O'Reilly on Fox News, where they discuss whether God exists or not. You can see the guy who makes David Silverman to 2:00 of this video when Bill O'Reilly says "tide goes in, tide goes Out, never miss comunication. You can not explain that." (The tide comes in, the tide goes out, without losing their way. You can not explain that.) Is used for reactions in situations totally idiotic and stupid.


It was designed by MS Paint, by a user named DevianArt Whynne on September 19, 2008. He was re-designed and posted on various websites, but mostly on 4chan. If you post this image in a discussion on 4chan (and bet anywhere else), it's like you're saying "I was trollando you all this time.". Previously, he was called CoolFace.
But, over time, turned Trollface. Actually, that's right anyway. It is used when this comic character tease another, makes jokes, puns, jokes, etc.. He is favored by most people.


First appeared in 2010 on 4chan. It is used in awkward situations, in which the character tries to keep the face as normal as possible before such an embarrassing situation, or a situation totally tense. So the "Poker Face", as in poker you have to stay with this guy, any feeling of joy can ruin your game. And also has a version of Lady Gaga, because of the famous song "Poker Face" it.


They say that it originated at 4chan, but the first discussion was with him on Reddit, on June 18, 2010. He was inspired by this photo:

It is used to express a reaction to something silly or even just a laugh. He, as well as Fuck Yea, there's nothing really special, nothing mysterious, no discussions between 4chan x Reddit, which not many around.